Workplace Safety

AFPA as a Certifying Partner (CP)

In collaboration with Ministery of Labour and WCB, AFPA acts as a Certifying Partner for food, beverage, and industry stakeholders and offers a Partnership Program for companies to achieve their Certificate of Recognition (COR).

Food & Beverage Health & Safety (F&BHSO) Designation

The F&BHSO designation is for those individuals wishing to achieve formal recognition for their efforts and commitment to workplace safety in the food & beverage industry. This designation is similar to, and follows the same basic principles and foundational requirements as the ACSA’s NCSO or the MHSA’s MSO designations. Read more about AFPA's F&BHSO program. 

Train with us!

You do not have to be registered in the Partnership program to benefit from Health & Safety courses (public or in-house) &/or our services!  There is no reason why you & your employees cannot enjoy both the value and benefits of good safety training. Raise morale & lower your lost time claims rate!  You can save money on lost time, property damage & injuries that result from such accidents/events.

All workers should be able to come home safely at the end of their workday, from the first shirt right through to retirement. That become more possible when government, employers and workers collaborate to create a healthy and safe workplaces. A combination of best practices, education, awareness, and complicance with occupational health and safety (OHS) laws helps achieve that goal. By taking action before an incident occures, workplace illnesses and injuries can be prevented. We accomplish this by empowering workers, and enforcing workplace health and safety laws. New in 2019, AB government introduced a prevention initiative that outlines priorities for the OHS system. The purpose is to align the system and coordinate efforts to battle those hazards that most impact worker health and safety and system costs.

THE THREE BASIC RIGHTS: Workers have the right to know about workplace hazards and how their employer plans to address them. Workers have the right to particpate in health and safety at their worplaces, such as serving as the health and safety representative or on the committee. Finally, workers have the right to refuse dangerous work and are protected for reprisals for exercising this right.


See AFPA's Workplace Health & Safety Course lineup or visit our resources section for additional resources.

For further information, or to receive a hard copy of the membership package, email or call 403-201-3657 ext. 21.