Membership Benefits - Get Connected!

Membership is affordable:

  • Processors (based on number of employees in Alberta):
    • $350 - under 5 employees; 
    • $550 - 6-25 employees;
    • $1,200 - 26-100 employees
    • 1,700 - 100+ employees. 
  • Associate (service provider) - based on number of employees for company (not just in Alberta):
    • $350 - under 5 employees  
    • $775 for all others.

AFPA provides knowledge, leadership and networking opportunities to grow your business and increase your company profile.

AFPA helps; 1) Save you time, money and energy. 2) Solve your problems. 3) Grow your business. 4) Strengthen our industry.

Benefit from an extensive network, training and skills development, market knowledge as well as a collective voice to address key industry issues.

Boost your influence: be part of a network of over 300 that carry a strong voice on government and trade issues. Alberta's food processing industry is the 2nd largest manufacturing sector in Alberta, with almost $15B in sales. The sector is very diverse and is made up of everything from large multinational companies, to small startups. The sector employs over 22,000 people.

AFPA has been a historical beacon that has empowered the processing industry since 1974.

Without an association, the processing sector has no voice in advancing the sector and in aligning approaches, opportunities and addressing challenges.

Why Join?

  • AFPA is the industry's leadership organization and offers a network of like-minded food and beverage sector entrepreneurs.
  • AFPA acts as an educator and offers professional training and educational opportunities.
  • AFPA collaborates with others on developing and offering resources, tools and information that supports business efficiency and competitiveness.
  • AFPA provides numerous opportunities to network, bringing together colleagues and industry leaders, both associate and processing members, a great resource for new and veteran food processors.
  • AFPA is a certifying partner for the Partnership in Injury Reduction program. Members can work towards their COR and be eligible for rebates on WCB.
  • AFPA updates its members on industry issues and activities that affect your business through newsletters, email updates and through the website.
  • AFPA is a key advocate and  a convincing voice of influence with all levels of government on issues that impact Alberta's food processing industry such as public policy, regulations and programs.
  • Your membership gets you national representation.