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- Audit Tool - Document only for 2020

Audit Tool

- Audit Registration Form (ARF)

- Audit Sampling 

External Auditors List

Partnership Registration Form

- Bill 30 

Moving from WHMIS to GHS

- WHIMS Check list compliments of AFPA  member Chemscape 

- WHMIS Check list (2)

- Personal Protective Equipment

- FAQ: Revised Employer Review Process


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OHS / Industry 

Employer's Guide to the OHS Act - 

Worker Participation in Health & Safety -

- Roles & duties of government occupational health and safety (OHS) officers -

- Supervisors Roles & Responsibilities -

Alberta Jobs, Skills Training & Labour

Workers Compensation Board (WCB)

Occupational Health and Safety Tool Kit for Small Business 

Guideline for the Development of a Code of Practice for Respiratory Protective Equipment 

 - Preventing Violence and Harassment at the Workplace 

Reporting and Investigating Injuries and Incidents 

OHS Code Explanation Guide Section 115 - Emergency Preparedness & Response (sample emergency response plan) 

Due Diligence

An Explanation of the Working Alone Requirements 

Working Alone Q&A 

Determining if a work site is low, medium or hazard in regards to providing first aid services, supplies and equipment 

First Aid Schedule 2 – list of equipment for #1 and #2 first aid kits 

First Aid Schedule 2 – first aider and first aid services, supplies and equipment for high hazard work site 

Handling and Storage of Flammable Materials at the Work Site 

Guideline for Developing a Code of Practice for Chemical Hazards 

Changes to WHMIS Legislation

Noise in the Work Place 

Administrative Penalties 

Violation Tickets 

OHS Ticketable Provisions 

OHS Act (html version) - OHS Regulation (html version)OHS Code (html version) 

OHS Explanation Guide (html version) 

Appealing OHS Orders

 - Other information

Order a copy - AB OHS Act, Regulation & Code – search “ohs act, regulations & code handbook”

OHS Review website 

Alberta Employment Standards 

- Potentially Serious Incidents (PSI) reporting