Membership Renewal Time!


First and foremost we would like to take this opportunity to thank you. This has been and continues to be a time for recovery in our province. Having you as a member and a part of our community is something that we have always honored and valued.

Over the past year, AFPA has been working hard to lay a fantastic foundation for the organization's future. We can confidently state that the upcoming year appears to mark our organization's most significant growth period in the previous ten years. We are happy to report that a number of projects will have a significant influence on our organization, our members, and—most importantly—your businesses during this exciting period.

As part of our ongoing effort to give our members a competitive edge, in partnership with our funder and sponsors we are developing a Co-PackingPortal. This will make it possible for food and beverage producers from all across the nation to engage with Alberta co-packers for a variety of new business opportunities and take advantage of the various resources made available.

Presently, in partnership with our funder, we are in collaboration with MNP, to conduct a labour market study of the food and beverage industry in our province. Tools and methods for human resources development will be established along with the development of an industry-specific workforce profile. This will allow us to create a strategic framework using this profile to address issues with employment and diversity.

As part of the creating more work-integrated learning opportunities (WIL), in partnership with Alberta’s government expanding on-the-job learning opportunities for post-secondary students, helping Albertans gain the skills they need for successful careers within our industry, AFPA will have the opportunity to partner with employer to subsidize the learner’s wages.

We are literally drying the ink on our newest agreement with a funder. This exciting opportunity will highlight our core beliefs as it will strengthen the competitive advantage of Alberta products through effective promotion. We can’t wait to share more!

Renewing your membership will get you access to these brand-new initiatives all while receiving preferred pricing on all of AFPA’s food safety and workplace safety training and consulting. Not to mention the AFPA on Demand content that is exclusively available to Members. These “Made for Industry by Industry” programs have been custom-tailored to meet the emerging needs of our sector and represent a significant value added to your business.

We are very proud that this past year brought 4 new members to the board all of whom have already demonstrated great support to our organization through their passion for our programs and the desire for the growth of our AFPA community.

Our newest edition of AFPA in Action magazine should just be landing in your mailboxes where from the Secret in the Sauce to a Buzz on the Grocery Shelves we take a closer look at our programs, industry and our members please share it within your networks.

Thank you again for being a part of our community we look forward to having you join us in the year ahead, please renew your membership today.

Please reach out if you have any questions.

Melody Pashko, General Manager

The Alberta Food Processors Association (AFPA)

5123 Marian Road NE

Calgary, AB T2A 2Y1



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