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Fillmore Construction 

Fillmore has a continuous work portfolio in Food Processing, Warehousing & Distribution facilities for the food industry in since 1991. These cutting edge facilities have features and standards such as CFIA and GMP that make the food processing construction industry specialized. The Fillmore core project team centers on experienced and seasoned resources with direct relevant experience in this market segment serving our clients. Our team continually goes above and beyond to ensure our projects are completed on schedule and to an exceptional level of service.


  • New Build / Renovation & Expansion / Operations & Maintenance
  • Pre-Construction Services, Budgeting, Design-Build, coordination and Procurement
  • Coolers, Freezers, humidity controls spaces and dry storage
  • Process Areas, Packaging, Specialty Vender Equipment Coordination & Installation and Commissioning Services
  • Commercial/Industrial Kitchen
  • Warehousing & Distribution Centres


Fillmore specializes in complex fast-tracked projects in food processing, warehousing & distribution facilities. Our scopes ranges from small projects worth several thousand dollars to multi-million dollar projects with high levels of detail related to process equipment integration. The following are examples of scopes we complete on a regular basis including expansions, additions, renovations, and upgrades to:

  • Food processing areas - Dairy Products, Meat processing & Butchering, Prepared Food both fresh and frozen.
  • Cooler and Freezer new builds and retro fits (Ammonia, C02, and Combination)
  • Packaging and Bottling areas
  • Offices, wash-down areas, staff welfare areas, maintenance department
  • Frozen foods warehousing, Cooler warehousing, and dry goods warehousing – including racking installations
  • Warehousing & Distribution Centres with industrial automation
  • Shipping, Receiving and Cross-dock – including dock levelers, air curtain and truck seals
  • Scaffolding, access, hoarding temporary facilities and containment
  • Emergency generator systems, HVAC Upgrades and Electrical Upgrades
  • Drainage, plumbing, waste removal and waste processing
  • Building temperature and humidity control systems.
  • Equipment foundations, curbs and house-keeping pads for new equipment and storage tanks.


Fillmore completes the scopes noted through expansion programs, regular scheduled maintenance programs, planned shutdowns, and emergency projects. The key to our success is the knowledge of the process and working collaboratively with the end users. The majority of our work in this market is working in functioning facilities doing what it takes to ensure no interruption to the facility operations. This means sequenced work scopes, and after hours work to not interfere with daily operations.