Sobeys Alberta Intake Form and future 'speed-date' events

The Sobeys Alberta team are looking to do a Edmonton and Calgary ‘speed date’ event with potential new vendors in September or October this year.

This is part of Sobeys Local Program throughout Canada to connect their shoppers with offerings found in their region. Here is a great video showcasing the hard work of an Alberta entrepreneur and selling within Sobeys/Safeway. There have been 400+ Alberta products added to Sobeys Alberta shelves over the last 18 months, so if you head to your closest Sobeys/Safeway you will likely find some great products.

Intake Form for companies interested in meeting with Sobeys Alberta.

Send the completed forms to Note: Filling out the form does not guarantee a meeting, however Sobeys will review them all and just ask that they complete form as much as possible.

Deadline for forms: September 12th.

Questions? Ask away!

Lindsay Sutton

Market Development Specialist

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

Office: 780-643-3849


Toll Free AB: 310-0000