Edibles & Cannabis Processors: Are you ready to meet Cannabis Regulations & Certification Expectations?

Join SGS North America and AFPA to hear from top industry experts on Cannabis certifications, edibles & consumables, packaging, testing & training requirements.


Tuesday February 26, 2019

Calgary AB - 1-5:30pm

AFPA Members $85 - Non Members $150

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Changes are on the way to protect the health & safety of Canadians, with strict guidelines and regulatory controls in place. With the latest Health Canada draft regulations released on December 20, 2018 for public consultation for cannabis edibles & extracts & the legal sale of cannabis edibles being permitted no later than October 17, 2019. 

Moderator: Mo McLaren, Business Development & Regional Sales Executive, SGS North America

Panel of Experts:

  • Bethan Rider – Licenced producers - Path to licensing
  • David Vaillencourt – EU GMP Certification and implementation requirements
  • Speaker TBD – Cannabis products, Lab testing requirements and protocols
  • Victor Muliyil– HACCP/GMP Cannabis implementation and training programs
  • Julian Smith – Microprocessor licencing

Topics to be covered:

Path to Licensing can be a difficult & long journey. Bethan Rider will share their experiences in becoming amongst the fastest growing LP’s to receive ACMPR certification in under 11 months.

EU GMP Certification and Implementation Requirements with an increase product demand for exports to EU countries. LPs are required to meet the necessary regulations, David Vaillencourt will address EU GMP certification.

Cannabis Testing and Protocols The purity & potency of products made from cannabis & industrial hemp can vary due to differences in soil, seeds, environmental factors & plant strains. SGS testing services offer licensed producers the ability to mitigate risk by ensuring the quality and reproducibility of their products. Through our laboratories in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia, you can rest assured that the products that reach your business partners and consumers meet the mark. 

HACCP/GMP Cannabis Implementation & Training Programs

Why adopt Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)? They ensure that your cannabis products are consistently produced and controlled to the quality standards appropriate to their intended use as required by product specifications. Victor will discuss GMP and HACCP implementation and training programs available to support the success of your business.

Microprocessor Licencing

 Julian Smith - Grow Team-Lead at Boaz Pharmaceuticals

Julian is a passionate professional focused on educating new and long time users on the many benefits and consumption methods of cannabis. With over 10 years of hands on experience growing, breeding and studying the plant, Julian’s current interest lie in creating new strains that allow the consumer to reliably curate the experience for their activity. As the Grow Team-Lead at Boaz Pharmaceuticals, a Calgary Licensed Producer, Julian works closely with the Master Grower in strain growth and development. The new proposed regulations that open the door for edibles and extracts is a new paradigm shift on a norm already turned on its head. Julian’s in depth understanding of cannabis and the process sophistication required under Health Canada offers a unique perspective for those looking to take transferable assets into a new exciting industry.

Bethan Rider - Quality Manager at Boaz Pharmaceuticals Inc.,

Bethan Rider has been the Quality Manager at Boaz Pharmaceuticals Inc., a federally licensed Cannabis production facility in Calgary for just over a year. Boaz Pharmaceuticals Inc. was the fastest ACMPR applicant through the process, receiving a cannabis cultivation licence from Health Canada in just under 11 months. Bethan has over 20 years experience in various aspects the Pharmaceutical and Food industries in the UK and North America. Bethan is a senior member of the American Society for Quality, (ASQ) and has held the ASQ-Certified Quality Auditor certification since December 2010

Victor Muliyil – SGS Food, Audit, Certification and Technical Program Manager

Primary technical contact at SGS North America for food safety programs, including GFSI approved schemes focused on FSSC 22000, ISO 22000, animal feed HACCP & second party audits. Accredited multi-sector food safety program lead auditor and trainer, responsible for development of SGS food safety training and audit projects and client technical support. Victor has over 28 years of experience in food laboratory management, quality assurance management, food safety management system development, training and auditing. Degrees in Biochemistry, Microbiology and Food Chemistry from the University of Toronto.

David Vaillencourt - SGS Managing Consultant and Lead Auditor

As a subject matter expert in the Cannabis industry, David is instrumental in helping clients achieve and maintain their systems, auditing and consulting to EU GMP regulations and Health Canada Regulations. He primarily works in Canada, USA - California, Colorado and Massachusetts. David’s diverse background spans in highly regulated industries across both the private and public sectors with a focus on education and skills finding.

SGS Testing speaker: TBA