HACCP Implementation for Cannabis

HACCP Implementation for Cannabis (SGS) - click to download the PDF brochure

$1150/per person for AFPA Members

Deliver training in safety, quality and risk management for stakeholders across the cannabis supply chain. Pertains to edibles/processors of cannabis food products & growers/producers.

  • Benefits of adopting Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) & the areas of cannabis that are excluded from these practices;
  • Insight into Health Canada’s regulatory guidelines & requirements for various stakeholders in the cannabis supply chain;
  • Risk management & quality control as they relate to the production of cannabis-based products;
  • Stages of cannabis production from growth to packaging.

Why adopt Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)? They ensure that your cannabis products are consistently produced & controlled to the quality standards appropriate to their intended use as required by product specifications. GMP are concerned with both production & quality control; they ensure the adequacy of production facilities & the clear definition of production processes. They also support validation of critical steps of production,significant changes to internal processes & to testing methods.

QUALITY CONTROL & RISK MANAGEMENT - a systemic process for assessing, controlling, & mitigating risks as they relate to the quality of cannabis products. Learn about the evaluation of risk based on scientific knowledge, experience with processes, & ultimately for the protection of the consumer. Efforts, formality & documentation are commensurate with associated risks. We also share measures for the prevention of cross-contamination.


  • New to the cannabis industry or need a refresher on the stages of production? We walk you through it.
  • Growing: New plants are started from cuttings taken from the mother plant. Plants continue to mature and grow.
  • Harvest & Drying: Buds and stems are removed from the main stock and staged for harvesting. The cannabis is dried to product specification for moisture content.
  • Pre-extraction & Decarboxylation: Decarboxylation of product converts THC-A to THC and CBD-A to CBD.
  • Extraction, Filtration & Dilution: Extraction of decarboxylated material is carried out using a validated extraction process. The extraction is filtered and sampled. Laboratory tests validate THC and CBD potency values along with other product specific requirements.
  • Testing & Packaging: Product is sampled and tested using validated methods, and packaged.
  • Bottling & Shipping: Approved product is bottled & labelled with product information. Product is packaged & shipped.


Let's Talk Cannabis (SGS) - 1/2 day

$75/person for AFPA members OR Free when registering for the 2 day course above

  • Industry needs - fast track cannabis product safety & quality system
  • Management direction & commitment – financial & time
  • Auditing, Certification & Training requirements in the global & local markets
  • Testing Requirement
  • Compliance and Regulatory
  • Focus on risks & optimize resources – gap assessment
  • Use available “toolkits” to develop consistent, effective procedures & adult learning format training
  • Training internal auditors to mine usable information on changes, system status & response


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