Foothills Creamery Ltd.

MIXR Membership / Organics / Kosher / IceCream(Gelato) / Butter


Limited company that has been doing business in Alberta for over 50 years. Produces quality old fashioned butter, ice cream, and mixes. Services multiple customers – including retail, scoop shops, bakeries, industrial, distributors, and food service – via direct delivery through warehouses in Calgary, Edmonton, and Kelowna.


Manufacture in Calgary: Foothills Premium Ice Cream, Sherbet, Sorbet; Foothills Old Fashioned Butter, 50/50 Butter/Margarine Blend, Whipped Butter, and Butter Solids; Soft Serve Mixes including ice cream base, sorbet, and yogurt. Also have a variety of cones and accessories for scoop shops.


Foothills Creamery; multiple private brands.