Casa Bonita Foods

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Casa Bonita Foods was founded in 2016 in Toronto with the sole objective of providing Canadians with authentic Mexican flavors in the form of Soft Corn Tortillas and Corn Tortillas Chips and Salsa’s. Casa Bonita is also the main distributor of Tajin Chille Lime spice here in Canada. We thrive in offering products of quality following the recipes that our families in Mexico had been using for generations and only using top quality ingredients.


Soft Corn Tortillas, Blue Corn/ Yellow Corn/ White corn Cantina Style Corn Chips/ Spelt Grain Beer Chips/ Cantina Style Corn Chips with Tajin Fire Roasted Jalapeno Salsa/ fire roasted Chipotle Salsa/ Fire Roasted Habanero Salsa Tajin Classic Chili Lime Spice/ Tajin Habanero Spice/ Tajin Liquid Classic/ Tajin Liquid Fruity Chamoy


Casa Bonita Foods