Culinary Coworking Corp.

Community Kitchen / CoPacker


Culinary Coworking is a food producer ecosystem, a shared kitchen, and coworking space for Culinary Entrepreneurs in Alberta. Our mission is to Grow Alberta's Food Economy. We are creating a much-needed space to create jobs, inspire local entrepreneurs to follow their passion and innovate new food products into our local markets. The desire to create this business model was from a lifelong blend of passion and business experience within the culinary sector.


Culinary Coworking is a culinary coworking space and incubator for the local agri-food economy. We provide a low-risk, cost-effective and full-service culinary space that supports Calgary’s culinary visionaries. Our Services include: - Access to a fully equipped certified commercial kitchen space, available 24/7 with four separate bookable zones -Partnerships - With Sysco, Bakemark, The Printing House, Enterprise Paper -Path To Retail Opportunities - With Sobeys/Safeway/IGA, SPUD, Blush Lane -Marketing - We actively promote and market our members exposing them to new customers


Culinary Coworking Corp.