OHS Prevention Initiative

AFPA as a Certifying Partner under the COR Program participated within this working group and is excited to provide you with this OHS prevention initiative which focuses on reducing common workplace injuries, protecting at-risk workers and identifying higher-risk work situations. The initiative also coordinates efforts between OHS system partners to achieve better health and safety practices.

New resources that help prevent workplace musculoskeletal disorders (MSD). resources include:

  • 6 part video tutorial to enhance understanding of how MSDs occur and how to take simple steps at the workplace to remove or control hazards. 
  • Bulletins that explain actions workers and employers can take if MSD symptoms or injury occur.
  • A poster that identifies common signs and symptoms of MSDs.
  • Postcards that raise awareness about the importance of MSDs and where to find more information.

These resources were developed with Alberta’s OHS system stakeholders and address important issues identified by those on the front-lines that continue to make MSDs prevalent. The resources are developed specifically for workers, supervisors and employers with an emphasis on small and medium businesses. We have produced these resources for stakeholders to incorporate economical and straightforward workplace actions to prevent workplace MSDs and keep workers healthy, safe and on the job. For more info www.alberta.ca/PreventionInitiative resources for slips, trips and falls and psychosocial hazards also available.