Immigration Care

Newly launched one-stop agri-foods recruitment and immigration solution in partnership with GS Agri Recruit and CRT Legal

Alberta focused one-stop recruitment and immigration solution

Right now there is unprecedented recognition for the importance of food security. All levels of Government agree and that has resulted in the relaxation of some immigration requirements surrounding your ability to hire temporary foreign workers. Food processors can (temporarily) apply for an LMIA without the need to advertise vacant positions. LMIA and work permit applications are being prioritized for faster processing.

To help you take FULL advantage of these relaxations, 3 experienced recruitment and immigration advisors have launched a one-stop recruitment and immigration solution specifically designed for food processors. We are delighted to announce that employers will have access to a database of pre-screened, experienced foreign candidates. When you have chosen the right candidate, what follows is a seamless immigration process facilitated by an experienced team based in Alberta. We believe in the efficiency of this solution and are proud to offer this to AFPA members at an introductory rate of $1,800 per candidate. Assistance with LMIA applications is also available. Contact us at 403-346-0445 for more information.