COR Auditing during COVID-19 - Frequently Asked Questions..

How do I request an audit?

-Same criteria as normal, by submitting an Audit Request Form (ARF) to AFPA at least 10 days prior to the audit start. Once acknowledged by AFPA the auditor will use our current 2020 audit tool and mark any questions +normally validated through the auditor’s observation and interview techniques as “not applicable, due to COVID-19 Pandemic protocols”.

Can I request an audit if my company hasn’t completed all the mandatory course requirements?

-Yes, AFPA will temporarily waive the training requirements for the COR and SECOR programs. Previous training would be verified through the documentation review, missing training would generate a specific SFI for such courses - the only firm requirement will be that the COR auditor must be AFPA certified.

Why are audits being converted to document-only?

-Documentation-only audits will meet the Provincial mandates for control of the virus, while allowing for the review of all required documentation. Document reviews can be done remotely and electronically, and without having to conduct in-person interviews and physical observations.

Will a documentation-only audit maintain my COR? (Internal COR Maintenance Audits)

-Yes, a documentation-only audit achieving 60% maintains your company’s COR in good standing.

Will my company still be eligible for annual WCB/PIR rebates via a documentation-only audit?

-Ab. WCB has confirmed that they will accept documentation-only audits for 2020 PIR refund purposes.

What if I had already completed the interviews and observations, just not the final report?

-AFPA has no company in that circumstance, effective March 17 all audits became documentation-only.

Will a documentation-only audit allow my company to achieve a COR? (External COR Certification Audits)

-Yes, a documentation-only audit achieving 80% will give your company a 1 year COR – cert or re-cert.

How will I complete a documentation-only audit?

The AFPA 2020 audit tool has been posted on our website for download - you will score the appropriate questions and provide validation notes to support and justify scoring. +Also, see #1 above for N/A’s. You would still include SFI’s, PIR summary sheet and other required information, per normal audit protocols. NOTE: AFPA is currently working to provide our auditors a document-only tool, more details to follow.

Will conducting a documentation-only audit maintain my AFPA auditor status?

YES, conducting the documentation-only audit will maintain your current auditor status with AFPA. Special Note: if you were to attend the refresher in 2020, you must attend the next scheduled course.


Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact