AFPA Survey

AFPA is undertaking a strategic review of its operations, financial structure, value proposition and focus on behalf of its members and stakeholders, in order to best serve the interest of the industry players. As part of that engagement the AFPA is undertaking a survey of its current members, past and lapsed members and other potential members in the industry throughout Alberta.

The results of this survey will inform the Board and create the foundation for a new strategic plan going forward in the hopes of creating a more vibrant AFPA, a more engaged membership and help focus the organization on what is important to its members. Below is the link to an online survey. Please take the time to carefully consider the following questions and answer to the best of your ability. This survey is designed to be more forward looking and inform us as to the best use of the AFPA’s time for the betterment of the industry and the long term prosperity of the members.

We will be sending this out multiple times in hopes of gathering a large data set and as wide-ranging opinions on the industry as possible. We would also encourage you to send it to others in your network that may not be on our current lists. We want to hear from all corners of the industry and do our best to re-shape the value proposition of the AFPA based on what the members need and expect from the organization. Thanks for your co-operating and we look forward to hearing from you.