Money Down the Drain


See what Tim Horton's, Campbell's Soup, Calgary Italian Bakery, Kitchen Partners, Saputo and others have done to identify waste and reduce their costs.

Are you sending expensive ingredients down the drain? What can you do to prevent it from happening? How much product or water is landing on the production floor each hour, each day, resulting in substantial costs over a year? Where can you reuse that product or water to cut costs or even generate revenue? Did you know preventing food waste costs at least 10 times less than managing it as an organic waste?

Through case study examples, Bruce Taylor and Aleks Poldma of Enviro-Stewards will share the work they have done and the savings they have generated for Calgary Italian Bakery, Kitchen Partners, Tim Horton's, Campbell's Soup, Saputo and Southbrook Vineyards. Both Calgary Italian Bakery and Kitchen Partners will be in attendance to share their story with you. Through these industry examples, you will understand how to gain control of your ingredients and your production, and ultimately turn your waste into wealth.

In this full-day workshop, Enviro-Stewards will:

  • identify common wastes found in food processing, and how to measure, reduce, reuse and eliminate them, including:
    • production line wast
    • water
    • waste water reduction and recovery 
  • energy and electricity
  •  identify system opportunities and examples specific to:
    • compressed air
    • refrigeration
    • HVAC, pumps, etc.
    • boiler systems
  • identify where to find products and expertise to help you tackle your waste, as well as grant opportunities to help support assessment and implementation

Included in the workshop is a roundtable session with AFPA and Alberta Agriculture and Forestry to talk about what is currently happening in this space, and for industry to provide feedback on the direction of future programming.

EDMONTON - Tuesday, Sept. 26, 2017

Holiday Inn Edmonton South (see agenda)


CALGARY - Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2017

Wingate Calgary Airport (see agenda)

$75 for members / $125 for non-members


About Our Presenters

Facilitated by Bruce Taylor, President, and Aleks Poldma, Project Consultant with Enviro-Stewards, Inc. Bruce has more than twenty-five years' experience in environmental consulting and has experience in conserving energy, water, ingredients and waste for a broad range of food processing facilities including wineries, breweries, bakeries, dairy, meat and packaged foods.

Aleks Poldma is a project engineer at Enviro-Stewards and has led multiple resource conservation projects at Canadian Food and Beverage manufacturers throughout his three years with Enviro-Stewards.

Pictured LtoR: Louis Bontorin, Calgary Italian Bakery, Bruce Taylor & Aleks Poldma

These events are financially supported in part by The Government of Alberta Agriculture & Forestry.