Food & Drink Summit - Dec.5-6


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The Conference Board's Centre for Food in Canada (CFIC) invites you to join us at the 6th annual Canadian Food & Drink Summit 2017, themed: Measuring Performance, Taking Stock, Inspiring Action. This two-day event being held in Calgary, will explore the future of Canada's food sector, and leverage new opportunities to enhance the food sector's performance-both provincially and globally.
Over the course of two days, hear from our outstanding lineup of speakers and panelists as they take a Western Canadian perspective on the five elements of the Canadian Food Strategy. Discussion Topics Include:

   - Western Canada's food performance               - Canada's agri-food trade opportunities
   - Alberta's food innovation                                      - Healthy drink options for Canadians
   - Grocer and foodservice trade                              - The agri-food outlook
   - Food waste in Canada                                             - Agriculture and agri-food labour gaps
   - Affordability of a healthy diet in Canada         - Nutritional food labelling regulations;
   - Municipal food perspectives                                 - Organic retail trends
   - Canada's national food policy                             - International food trade - effects of NAFTA
   - The future of grocers in Canada                          - Canadian beef and crop sustainability

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