Regulatory: Canadian Food Labelling

Course Details:

Designed to provide an overview of Canadian food labelling considerations, this program covers food labelling under federal jurisdiction for a wide range of foods from manufactured foods (i.e. snacks, bakery products, processed fruits and vegetables) to meat and poultry products. It covers basic labelling considerations (common name, net contents, ingredient list, nutrition facts and dealer name address), as well as additional labelling considerations that may apply (i.e. storage information, durable life dates, artificial sweetener statements, vignettes, artificial flavours, country of origin, etc.). Labelling requirements under the Food and Drug Regulations, Consumer Packaging and Labelling Regulations, Processed Products Regulations, Meat Inspection Regulations 1990, Organic Products Regulations 2009, Fish Inspection Regulations, Dairy Product Regulations will be discussed.

At the end of the program you will be able to:

  • Develop a food label under various federal legislation
  • Identify foods requiring a label and what exemptions may be applicable
  • Understand packaging and labelling definitions and how they relate to the presentation of information, type heights, etc.
  • Better appreciate how layout options can address your design objectives
  • Differentiate between retail (consumer) and non-retail (foodservice/further manufacture) labelling considerations
  • Understand common names, standard names and descriptive names
  • Describe how country of origin labelling may be applicable to your food