Canadian Ingredient Labelling (1 day course)




Preparing and properly declaring a list of ingredients is one of the most challenging requirements in food labelling. Are you confident in the regulatory compliance of your existing or new ingredient listing? This program focuses on the requirements of the Food and Drug Regulations, including new Health Canada regulatory amendments introduced in December 2016, that govern all foods and beverages sold in Canada.

Attendees of both the Canadian Nutrition and Ingredient Labelling workshops will receive an electronic copy of the Food Suite® Smart Tools for Canadian Ingredient Labelling.

At the end of the program, you will be able to:

  • Identify the foods that are exempt from ingredient listings
  • Explain the basics of ingredient labelling (e.g. typeface, type height and location) and generate presentation options
  • Define nomenclature (e.g. common names, class names and collective names)
  • Interpret component declarations and exemptions
  • Define food additives and how they are specially regulated
  • Discuss how Interim Market Authorizations (IMAs) and Market Authorizations (MAs) influence compliance
  • Discuss what CFIA and Health Canada define as processing aids and incidental additives
  • Discuss rules governing ingredient omissions and substitutions
  • Discuss the influence of ingredients on nutrition labelling
  • Describe CFIA’s Guidelines for Highlighted Ingredients and Flavours
  • Describe how label claims and statements affect the list of ingredients (e.g. no preservatives) and how the ingredients may influence label claims themselves (e.g. “natural”)
  • Identify what ingredients and components must be declared and those that may be exempt
  • Discuss the influence of the ingredient list on claims
  • Recognize the new graphic requirements for the list of ingredients