Online: Food Safety Training & Management System

Our online courses are meant to enhance your regular food safety training (and our in house / public training), they are in no way a replacement or substituation for any of our course offerings.  The basic online training is included in your AFPA membership at no additional charge contact for additional information. 

  • Course/Lesson Length (mins.)
    Course - Food Fraud:  
    What is Food Fraud? (Video) 6
    Reported Cases of Food Fraud (Video) 9
    Why is Food Fraud Important? (Video) 5
    Risk Assessment Tools (Video) 22
    Food Fraud Mitigation and Control Strategies (Video) 5
    Course – HACCP Program Development:  
    Food Safety Hazards & the HACCP System (Youtube video) 11
    The 7 Principals of HACCP (Youtube video) 11
    HACCP Set-up (Youtube video) 14
    Course – Starting Your Career in Food Processing:  
    Unit 1_The Food Processing Industry (HTML5) 90
    Unit 2_Working with Others (HTML5) 45
    Unit 3_Communicating with Others (HTML5) 60
    Course –Supplier Quality Assurance:  
    Why Supplier Quality Assurance (Video) 10
    Supplier Quality Assurance (Video) 4
    Supplier Certification and Approval (Video) 15
    Course - Risk Assessment  
    Risk and Hazards (Video) 6
    Risk Analysis (Video) 11
    The Four Components of Risk Assessment (Video) 10
    Course – Root Cause Analysis:  
    Cause Analysis Overview (Youtube video) 18
    Five Whys (Youtube video) 6
    Fishbone Method (Youtube video) 13
    Cause and Effect Method (Youtube video) 9
    Total Content: 380


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