SQF Internal Auditor

During this workshop-based course, learn to internally audit your SQF food safety and quality management system against Code 9 requirements. Meet the SQF Code requirements for Internal Auditing. 

Course Topics:

  • Food Safety and Quality Management System Concepts and Documentation
  • SQF System Requirements
  • SQF Internal Auditor Kit
  • Audit Principles
  • Preparing to conduct an SQF Internal Audit,
  • Performing an SQF Internal Audit
  • SQF Internal Audit Reporting and Follow Up

1. Examine and discuss SQF Code requirements from an auditor's perspective.

2. Practice interpreting the standard to identify non-conformances.

3. Identify mandatory system elements, required system records, and registers / lists.

4. Using processes in your own organization, prepare an audit plan and checklist

5. Apply case studies to role play audit performance, and effectively analyze audit evidence.

This course is designed for those interested in improving their ability to perform internal audits against the current SQF Code and meet SQF Code requirements for Internal Auditing. Prior training and/or experience with HACCP is recommended.