GFSI: SQF Practitioner’s Bundle For Food Manufacturing



The SQF Code requires that the senior management at a facility designate an SQF practitioner for each site who is responsible for overseeing the development, implementation, review and maintenance of the SQF system, including good manufacturing practices and food safety plans. The SQF practitioner should have the knowledge and training to take appropriate and timely action to ensure the integrity of the SQF system is maintained. As per the SQF Code, the SQF practitioner must have completed HACCP training (minimum two days in duration with assessment of acquired knowledge), be able to implement and maintain HACCP-based food safety plans and have a clear understanding of the SQF Food Safety Code for Manufacturing and its requirements.

This week-long SQF Practitioner’s Bundle course includes:

  • Two days of HACCP training for food manufacturers, HACCP II: Developing your HACCP Plan - (Can not be taken seperately)
  • The official 2-day SQFI Implementing SQF Systems Course - (Can be taken seperately)
  • One day of internal auditing principles related to the SQF Food Safety Code for Manufacturing system requirements, Internal Auditor: SQF (Can be taken seperately)

This intensive program provides you with the essential training, knowledge, skills and tools needed to establish and maintain the SQF system certification for your organization.

Prerequisite(s): A good understanding of food safety principles is essential.

Participants will receive a copy of the SQF Food Safety Code for Manufacturing, Edition 8.1