Food Safety Conference

   AFPA Invites you to particpate on June 17, 2019 - Calgary

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Seize the oporutnity to network, learn or showcase your company at this event dedicated to excellence in food safety. - Only $175 for the entire day! 

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Thank you to our exhibitors:

Camfil Canada Inc.
SureBond Safe Floor
Element (formerly Exova)
Harlund Industries
Sani Marc
Provision Analytics
Mister Safety Shoes
Health Canada / Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Peregrine Pest Control


8:00 am Exhibitors Setup

8:30 am REGISTRATION, Coffee - Nutrition - Networking

9:00 am AFPA Welcome – Jill Binder – Food Safety Solution (MC)

  • Practical Root Cause Analysis for Allergen Management - Allergen labeling errors and allergen management issues cause the largest number of food recalls in North America and the EU. This presentation looks at the nature of the recalls and use of the fishbone diagram to investigate causes of incorrect labelling leading to recall, so that you may apply root cause analysis for permanent, long-term and practical solutions to allergen management issues. Jennifer McCreary, NSF International
  • Food safety & traceability software - 97% of all food manufacturers world-wide run on paper and spreadsheet. Deep data analytics will find efficiencies and gaps in existing processes and save you time, money and resources. Provision Analytics alleviates issues across all food product categories through data capture, data integrity and data integration with our software platform, OneTrace™ platform. Provision can immediately apply our user friendly platform to an industry in high demand to provide 5 core benefits: Paperless food safety, compliance & regulatory alignment, Deep traceability, Workflow & process modelling, Security & scalability, Analytics, reporting and insight. Michael Gibbons, co-founder of Provision Analytics will lead this interactive workshop on helping the industry mine data to grow efficiencies. Provision Analytics

Break  Networking

  • The Gatekeepers of Food Safety - Mary will share new approaches at the intersection of food safety and psychology and how the NC State University Safe Plate’s program’s approaches engaging front-line staff and supervisors not only to employ safe food practices but to support sustained behaviour change. Through reality-based research, Yavelak and colleages investigate behaviors and create interventions aimed at amateur and professional food handlers, managers, and organizational decision-makers – the gatekeepers of safe food. Mary Yavelak, Food Safety Specialist Dept. of Agricultural & Human Sciences North Carolina State University

Lunch   AFPA AGM 

  • Often Overlooked: Existing Sanitation Technologies and Method - Easy-to- implement GMPs that can help to reduce microbial load in the food processing environment. Sani Marc Inc.
  • SGS Rethink food safety management - lower your risk:  It's time to go back to basic principles on HACCP-based food safety. Ditch the checklists, learn tools/techniques to identify real risks to YOUR organization, establish tiered controls and focus resources to achieve true risk reduction, not just artificial conformity to poorly established, outdated checklist-based food safety schemes. A fresh approach, using advanced, adult learning training, implementation and auditing tool kits.

Break  Networking

  • SGS Food testing: Agriculture and food are arguably the world’s most important industries. Consumers want assurance of safety and quality at every stage of the process. SGS testing services offers manufacturers, processors, importers and other stakeholders, the ability to mitigate risk by ensuring the quality and reproducibility of their products. Through our network of laboratories you are assured that the products that reach your business partners and consumers meet the mark.
  •  Safe Food For Canadian Regulations – Getting Started. CFIA (if you have specific questions or concerns you would like to ensure they are addressed email them to

4:45 pm Closing comments

Discounted Courses with conference Registration

(sign up more than 1 staff member or more than 1 course & save an additional 10% per person off these already discounted conference course rates)

•June 19 – HACCP FS Leadership for Managers/Supervisors - $600

This program helps ensure that managers/supervisors understand their integral role in leading the implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of the food safety management system. Explore your critical role and responsibility in providing food safety leadership and ensuring the ongoing conformance to HACCP and the food safety management system. Gain the knowledge and tools to manage the day-to-day challenges of maintaining your food safety system and building a robust culture of food safety.

This workshop covers:

  • The importance of providing food safety leadership throughout the implementation and management of prerequisite programs and HACCP
  • How to communicate the importance of a food safety management system
  • The supervisor’s essential role in overseeing record-keeping, verification and corrective action documentation

•June 20 – Food Safety Culture - $600

When people choose to do something because they believe it is the right thing to do – even if it takes longer or interferes with their other duties – you know you are building a strong food safety culture. Culture starts at the top, with senior management setting the tone and determining food safety objectives and goals. Senior management’s leadership in setting expectations, and an accountability mindset and approach to food safety, is vital to achieving and sustaining a robust food safety culture. Food safety culture is recognized as a key factor to achieving ongoing food safety success and to a better organizational culture overall. In this program, you gain an understanding of food safety culture best practices, the key elements that contribute to a robust food safety culture and how to begin the process of culture change for sustained food safety success.

  • Use a food safety culture assessment to:
  • Evaluate your current food safety culture
  • Develop a food safety culture checklist
  • Prioritize areas for improvement
  • Identify potential key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure food safety culture
  • Begin developing an action plan for your facility

•June 21 (AM) – Food Fraud Vulnerability Assessment - $300

Have you assessed the key risks and opportunities for food fraud in your supply chain? Are you monitoring changes in real time to ingredients, processes or supply chains that may constitute a risk? Does your existing supplier assurance system limit opportunities for food fraud and mitigate risk of authenticity issues? A documented food fraud vulnerability assessment (FFVA) and mitigation plan are required for compliance with the GFSI-benchmarked standards’ requirements. Addressing all types of food fraud and hazards that require a preventive control is required under the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Learn how to conduct an FFVA and develop mitigation strategies to protect against food fraud. You will receive NSF’s Food Fraud Vulnerability Assessment template and instruction on how to use this tool in your own organization. Includes a complimentary 1-hour food fraud vulnerability assessment with NSF's consulting team. 

June 21 (PM) – Food Defense - $600

Protecting your brand, your facility and your customers from intentional harm drives the requirement for a robust food defense plan. GFSI-benchmarked standards and FSMA require sites to have a food defense plan. A facility must first assess its vulnerabilities and then develop, implement and document a food defense plan to mitigate the risk of intentional adulteration. Learn how to conduct a vulnerability assessment and develop your food defense plan in this training program. 

 BWP - Premier Best Western  1316-33 Street NE Calgary

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