BioNeutra North America Inc.



BioNeutra is one of North America’s premier supplier of high quality fiber prebiotic ingredients. From our head office and manufacturing base in Edmonton and using our patented processes and product knowledge, we focus on providing consistent, quality ingredients for formulators and manufacturers in both the mainstream and functional food markets. Our product line provides ingredients for various food systems, contributing to advanced human nutrition and wellness in functional and healthy foods. The key product benefits include dietary fiber and low caloric nutritive sweetener.


VitaFiber IMO is a better-tasting, better-for you, low calorie natural sweetener that also provides a good source of prebiotics and non-GMO dietary fiber for improved digestive health. VitaFiber features a mildly sweet, clean taste that adds just the right touch of sweetness to recipes, food and beverages. No chemical overtones or bitter aftertaste here. Simply a clean, natural flavor that consumers will love. VitaFiber is minimally processed and is also sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, halal, kosher, and allergen-free, with no preservatives, artificial colors or flavours.