Flair Flexible Packaging Corp.

Packaging / Labels


Design and multi-layer film; plastic; packaging.


Our capability has been proven through involvement with many different projects in food and non-food categories. FOOD - snacks, dry vegetable, frozen seafood, coffee, bilable soup, fresh & smoked fish, confectionery, beverage labels, fruit bars, nutrition powder, cookies to name a few. NON-FOOD - potting soil, compost, fertilizer, powdered soap & detergent, pet food. Our main focus is in laminated film products; both in roll stock and bag formats. ROLL STOCK - vertical & horizontal forming, forming & non-forming, cold seal. BAGS - 3 sided sealed vacuum bags, stand up pouches, side gusseted bags, recloseable ziplock or tin tie closure. Films used for lamination will vary depending on the products, but the following is a list of films that are commonly used. PET/CAST NYLON/ B.O NYLON/ CAST PP/ OREINTED PP/ RETORT CAST PP/ METALIZED PET/ METALIZED CAST PP/ ALUMINUM FOIL/LDPE/ LLDPE. Unlike other conventional converters, our plants in Korea produce a number of items for their own usage.AL FOIL/ CPP/ LDPE/ VACUUM METALIZED CPP/ LLDPE