ColdChase Inc.

Food Safety / Equipment


ColdChase is a North American corporation that has developed a global tracking system for traceability of shipments and storage of highly sensitive goods such as fresh and frozen foods, pharmaceuticals, live animals, chemicals, beverages and highly sensitive equipment. Our multi-sensors provide detailed, accurate, global, real-time supply chain monitoring from producer to customer ensuring awareness of the position, integrity, and environment of shipments. Our system provides end to end cold chain monitoring of environmental conditions.


Sensors that monitor: location, temperature, pressure, humidity, light, vibration and shock on shipments and cold storage. The system includes: - Hardware sensors - Web Interface data analytics dashboard - Mobile Viewer app - API interface - Customer support ColdChase is a Global Supply Chain Visibility Technology. All-in-One Platform. - Audit Trail for Compliance Management - Quality Assurance & Control - User-Configurable Analytics - Actionable Insights - Environment Stewardship