Lupin Platform Inc.

Research & Development / Product Development


Lupin Platform Inc. (LPI) is a Calgary-based agri-business focusing on creating a vertically integrated lupin value chain in Canada from the Seed to Fork. LPI’s key strength lies in the ability to complete the fully integrated supply chain of the seed distribution rights, 15 plus years of cultivation know-hows, the most advanced processing trade secrets on plant-based lupin protein and other bi-products, and the ability to tab into local and international distribution chains.


Lupin Platform Inc. envisions to produce Canadian Lupin locally and internationally. With many years of researches and experiments , we support farmers to cultivate the good quality of lupin beans that will highly valued in the food markets. For processors, we advise them to optimize the protein extraction processes in any types for food development. Also, we closely work with research centres to invent and apply new food prototypes. LPI aims to offer vertical integration model for lupin beans.