Canada Grand Enterprises Inc.

Oil Products / Honey / Grains & Cereals


Canada Grand Enterprises is based in Alberta, the most important granary in Canada. Our main products are prepacked food and agri-food, such as Quick Oats, honey, Cold pressed Non-GMO Canola Oil and Flax Seeds oil, and Canadian wines, icewines, which is matching healthy requirement for daily life. We are doing our best to provide quality product and service to our customer. Choosing the right food can help us maintain a healthy body. Canada Grand Enterprises Inc. supplies natural, safe and nutritional foods and drinks to people. Make a difference to the products you eating every day.


Twinfood Non-GMO Cold Pressed Canola Oil; Twinfood Non-GMO Cold Pressed Flax Seed Oil; Twinfood Non-GMO Quick Oats; Twinfood Non-GMO Flax Seed Mill; Twinfood Natural Honey´╝Ť Twinfood Regular Conventional Canola Oil.