Bakery / GlutenFree / Perogies


Delissitude is a Calgary based gluten, nut, and dairy free bakery and perky emporium with vegan, sugar free, paleo and keto options. What Makes Us Different? We use only the best natural, organic or local ingredients (e.g. depending on the flavour, our cupcakes may contain beets, parsnips or carrots) and our products deliver superior taste, texture and nutrition.


Our baked goods include bread, muffins, cakes and cupcakes, cookies and squares, pies and much more. Our frozen pierogies are hand pinched, gluten, nut and dairy free with vegan options. In addition, we make frozen pakoras, samosas, lasagne and pizza crusts. We also offer a custom cake service for birthdays, weddings and other events and provide seasonal items at Christmas, Thanksgiving and other holidays.