BHJ Canada

MIXR Membership / Meat Processor / Ingredients/Seasonings


BHJ Canada is part of the international meat ingredients specialist, the BHJ Group. Headquartered in Bolton, ON, BHJ Canada supplies fresh or frozen meat raw material to the pet food, pharmaceutical and fur industries in North America and Europe. Our product portfolio consists of a wide assortment of meat raw materials, which we process according to tailor-made specifications from our customers. BHJ Canada presently operates two processing plants located in: Bolton, ON, and Calgary, AB.


BHJ Canada is able to offer a wide range of meat raw materials based on pork, chicken, beef, fish, lamb and other specialty items. We offer a number of specialized solutions, like meat blends for wet and dry pet food manufacturing, or specific raw materials for claim purposes. We offer our customers efficient flexible service and supply material across North America and Europe. Based on our extensive supplier network, BHJ Canada provides manufacturers with valuable access to raw materials, letting you focus on your core business.