Hog Wild Specialties

Meat(Alternate) / Meat Processor / GlutenFree


HWS is a 16 year old company that specializes in the production and sales of quality European Wild Boar Meat. Primarily sells direct to restaurants, specialty meat shops and distributors throughout Canada and the U.S. Processed products include west phallen hams, bacon, jerky, smokies. All processed fresh/frozen vacpacked cuts of meat are federallyinspected and ready for shipment. Can be cut fresh to your specifications.Other provincial products include proscuitto and regular hams, carcasses and sucklings for barbecues etc. Delivery available. Whole animal barbecues available in Alberta only.


Fresh/frozen/processed wild boar; barbecuing done on site for special events; mounted heads available for presentation purposes; boar bowhunting expeditions.


Hog Wild Specialties