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Posted on Tuesday, June 22, 2010

CD $25.00 + gst (AFPA Members) This guide has been developed to take a meat industry business step by step through the process of defining the venture they are about to undertake. If the venture looks viable then you move on to the next step in business planning of spending more time, effort and money on getting more detailed information to see if the venture is feasible. Only after you have done all the hard homework of gathering & analyzing all of the information you need for the venture stage & viability stage and made a “go” decision should you undertake the cost & effort of preparing a business plan, which will describe your business & how it will be run. The Guide is in a CD format & you can type right into the pdf on the CD and print out the results, or you can print out the forms & fill them out by pen. It is strongly recommended whether you are beginning a new venture, or adding an enterprise to a venture that you already have going, that you start at the beginning of the CD & work your way through all of the steps. This is the best way to come to the right conclusion on whether the venture or enterprise you are considering in the meat industry is worth pursuing.

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