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Online Safety Courses - Cost to sign up

Once your three month trial period (on the premium service) has ended you have three options.

Option 1: Premium subscription - 50% off regular price: only $3.00 per employee/monthly. AFPA has negotiated with SafetySync, on behalf of its members, this 50% discount which you can take advantage of, regular premium price is $6.00 per user/monthly.

Yearly onetime price option also available
5 Employee or less - $150
6-25 employee - $400
26-50 - $750
50-100 - $1600
100-200 - $3000

Option 2: #1 AFPA subscription - $250.00 a year, flat rate. This option eliminates the Premium features but it allows you take advantage of all of the AFPA components which include: Food safety training, HACCP Training and HACCP Development.

Option 3: #2 AFPA subscription - Free subscription. This is free to all AFPA members and your company will ultimately default to this option from this time on if there is no confirmation for option 1 or 2. Includes the Basic Food Safety Training and HACCP training but does not include the HACCP Plan Development component.

A premium subscription includes:

  • Company Branded Certificates
  • Automated Signature on Policies & Certificates
  • Toll-free Fax submission of Safety Records
  • Ability to Export to Excel
  • Customized Company portal: Logo and Logo image
  • Disable Sponsor Ads
  • Increased File Size Limited
  • Unlimited Storage Space
  • Compliance History
  • Priority Customer Service Implementation Assistance and Web Demonstration

Additional implementation consulting services available through the AFPA for a nominal fee include:

  • Set up positions and employees in the system
  • Select and assign training as well as help the first few trainees
  • Review, write and upload policies
  • Interview experienced workers and record Standard operations procedures Videos.
  • Create forms and organize record keeping within the system
  • Perform an internal audit of their HACCP Program.

For further information, email or call 403-201-3657 ext. 21.