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Online Safety Courses - Cost to sign up

Once your three month trial period (on the premium service) has ended you have three options.

Option 1: Premium subscription - 50% off regular price: only $3.00 per employee/monthly. The AFPA has negotiated with SafetySync, on behalf of its members, a this 50% discount which you can take advantage of, regular premium price is $6.00 per user/monthly.

Yearly onetime price option also available
5 Employee or less - $150
6-25 employee - $400
26-50 - $750
50-100 - $1600
100-200 - $3000

Option 2: #1 AFPA subscription - $250.00 a year, flat rate. This option eliminates the Premium features but it allows you take advantage of all of the AFPA components which include: Food safety training, HACCP Training and HACCP Development.

Option 3: #2 AFPA subscription Free subscription. This is free to all AFPA members and you company will ultimately default to this option from this time on if there is no conformation for option 1 or 2. Includes the Basic Food Safety Training, does not include the HACCP training or the HACCP Plan Development component.

A premium subscription includes:

  • Company Branded Certificates
  • Automated Signature on Policies & Certificates
  • Toll-free Fax submission of Safety Records
  • Ability to Export to Excel
  • Customized Company portal: Logo and Logo image
  • Disable Sponsor Ads
  • Increased File Size Limited
  • Unlimited Storage Space
  • Compliance History
  • Priority Customer Service Implementation Assistance and Web Demonstration

Additional implementation consulting services available through the AFPA for a nominal fee include:

  • Set up positions and employees in the system
  • Select and assign training as well as help the first few trainees
  • Review, write and upload policies
  • Interview experienced workers and record Standard operations procedures Videos.
  • Create forms and organize record keeping within the system
  • Perform an internal audit of their HACCP Program.

For further information, email or call 403-201-3657 ext. 21.