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The AFPA Links & Resources page contains valuable information on all aspects of the Alberta food processing industry.



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Food Safety & Quality

  • Food Safety Sentinel is a quarterly newsletter that targets Alberta Agriculture and Forestry's provincially licensed meat facilities. The newsletter is a way to get food safety information and other topics of interest out to the meat facilities. It also contains upcoming events, contacts and funding opportunities.
  • Food Safety Alberta website provides food safety information and resources, updates on food safety events, conferences, and workshops, and allows you to access relevant food safety legislation, publications and newsletters.
  • Learn about food safety culture, audits and public perception. Prerecorded talk by Dr. Douglas Powell Professor, Food Safety from Kansas State University at the AFPA Food Safety Conference in March 2013 (video)
  • Health Canada's Guidance on Safe Cooking and Handling Labelling for Raw Ground Meat and Raw Ground Poultry
  • Growing Forward Programs/Funding The Growing Forward 2 Food Safety Systems Processor program is open. The purpose of the program is to help food processors invest in new food safety systems or improve existing systems by investing in non-capital items such as food safety program development and implementation, in-house staff training, food safety training or courses, food safety audits, and validation studies. Capital items to support best practices in food safety may include facility modifications, processing equipment with hygienic design, foreign material detection equipment, good manufacturing practices tools such as utensils and bins approved for food use, sanitation equipment. Food safety testing equipment includes water activity meter, pH meter, thermometers, ATP testing equipment and swabs, in house micro-testing equipment, incubator for micro-testing, data loggers, allergen testing equipment, food safety ingredient scale (i.e. nitrites, culture) and its calibration weights. For program details and application form, please visit the Growing Forward 2 website
  • Food Safety Posters

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Workplace Health & Safety

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Business & HR Tools

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Meat Industry

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*Crispeas sale of production line options.
Posted on Friday, November 25, 2016

Crispeas are a new snack food made from premium grade green peas. Snack foods like Crispeas have been a big seller in Asia for many years and are now finally available in North America. This snack food is amazingly healthy combined with great taste. Well balanced protein to carbohydrate ratio, high in dietary fiber and low in fat. We have developed recipes for five different flavours, salted, hot bbq, wasabi, ranch and dill pickle. Today we are pleased to offer for sale a business opportunity, for an entrepreneurial mind, our knowledge, recipes, production equipment and HACCP Plan for this wonderful Snack Food we developed. We found that we as a busy exporter of raw material just don’t have the time to concentrate on bringing this product to the consumer. We do feel we have developed an excellent alternative snack that deserves to be introduced to the consumer in a wider spectrum.

Our product has won the 2013 AFPA award for the best value added Snack Food with the Wasabi Crispeas.

We are entertaining two options for the sale of the production line for Crispeas®

A)Sell off the idea including recipes, equipment etc. for someone to manufacture and market on a large scale. B)Sell the manufacturing line, recipes at cost for someone to market and pay royalties on each kg sold to Columbia Seed Co. Ltd.

Any interested party may contact us through email @, or call us @ 1-877-577-2158 ==

*Head Butcher (retail and wholesale) (NOC 6251) (2011 NOC 6331)
Posted on Monday, February 8, 2016

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Posted on Friday, November 5, 2004

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