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Trenton Cold Storage Inc.

Established in 1902, Trenton Cold Storage Inc. is Canada's largest privately owned temperature controlled warehousing group. Today, TCS handles more then one billion pounds of foodstuffs to and from points across Canada. The company manages more than 20 million cubic feet of storage space and more than 100,000 pallet positions for refrigerated and frozen products. TCS Alberta (Edmonton) provides the perfect centralized location for the storage and distribution of products throughout western Canada and the United States. TCS in Trenton, Ontario is ideally situated on the north shore of Lake Ontario in the heart of Canada's most concentrated manufacturing and distribution corridor.

Products and Services:
TCS has a temperature controlled freight consolidation program.Through partnerships with carriers, TCS ships to all Canadian provinces and territories from Trenton, Ontario. Rates are competitive and include complete management of the order from the point that it is transmitted to TCS through to delivery.

Real Time Inventory Control offers key benefits to our customers including the management of product rotation, traceability, and product status. Customers enjoy free internet access to their inventory, receipts, order details, product status, and historical data.

TCS is committed to technologies that incorporate e-commerce, EDI, traditional order processing, transport management, and directed warehouse management in a real time system.

TCS also offers case picking and full pallet order picking, CFIA and HACCP facilities, frozen, cooler and dry storage, racked and bulk storage, and custom co-packing and labeling.

Sue Millington, Manager Customer Development
21 Albert Street, Trenton ON K8V5R1
Phone: (780) 378 3317
Web site:

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